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Wondering how to redecorate and spruce up your home for the warmer seasons of 2012? Start with flooring and window treatments. Empire Today helps put your carpet decorating ideas into action by aiding in selection of Empire Carpet, Empire Flooring and window treatments that will give your home a beautifully transformed look.

Prints and textures are also huge this spring. Pairing a print with neutrals can be extremely surprising and when paired together with complementary tones, can bring a great deal of visual interest to the room. This trend can also be muted down a bit with using simple patterns and textures, like lattice prints, chevron stripes, and woven stripes.

Before you makeover your home, consider the style that you’d like to achieve – from comfortable, traditional, modern, energy-efficient to eco-friendly – we have it all. Whatever your consideration factors are for sprucing up the look of your home, Empire Today® offers Empire Carpet, Empire Flooring and Window Treatments that give you the look of a transformed home even next-day.

For the latest in decorating ideas, check out the hot new trends in home decorating for 2012:

Empire Carpet Home Decorating Ideas – Summer 2012

Summer is almost here, which may mean that your home needs a bit of a decorating update. Trends for this season are still in line with spring and include exciting and bright colors matched with natural fiber products. A perfect example of this could be changing the place settings at the dinner table to natural woven fiber placemats with bright and colorful plates and a colorful centerpiece. The juxtaposition of the natural, understated tones and the bright colors are perfect for adding an element of fun and surprise to your home. Muted versions of the summers hottest colors can be perfect too, for those looking for a less bold statement – look for lavenders instead of iris purple or a light teal rather than a turquoise. One current trend is de-cluttering. Less is always more when it comes to creating a welcoming, easy-to-maintain living space. This fits with the larger lifestyle trend of simplifying our lives, reducing stress and focusing on the essentials.

Empire Carpet Home Decorating Ideas – Fall 2012

One exciting new trend for Fall 2011 is layering area rugs. It’s a fun way to introduce new fall colors and patterns to your rooms and gives a warm comfy look to your floors. You can layer them on any hard surface floor or even over carpet. Use the accent colors in your area rugs as a color theme for accessories such as throw pillows, lamps, artwork and candles.

Empire Carpet Home Decorating Ideas Winter 2011

Empire Carpet Home Decorating Ideas – Winter 2012

Start at the front door. A burst of color and/or sparkle from an eye-catching door wreath gives a warm welcome to all who enter – including you! Today wreathes are year-round, changing with the season, instead of only for the holidays. You can buy or make them with fruits, herbs, flowers, pines, grasses, you name it. In the grey of winter a colorful door wreath is always inviting. And snug inside, the colors resonating with the new Winter trends, according to hgtv.com, range from “rich red and aubergine to icy blue and metallic silver.” As far as style goes, Mid Century is big. The appeal of a return to the designs of the 50’s and 60’s could be a result of the popular series “Madmen” or a longing for simpler times. In any case, a modern approach to retro is catching on.

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